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Travel Vaccinations

Planning to travel abroad? Reduce  health risks with travel vaccinations.   A visit to your doctor and a subsequent visit to  a Medlandia Pharmacist that is trained and certified to provide travel vaccinations can help you with that planning.

Hormone Replacement

Medlandia Pharmacy can help you transition through menopause comfortably. During your private consultation, we will guide you through an educational process. We will discuss various lifestyle choices to benefit you.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Medlandia Pharmacy offers a in-store blood pressure machine. The accumulated history of measuring the blood pressure over time can help your  doctor notice any unusual patters, and choose better treatment options.

Diabetes Management

Medlandia  Pharmacists provide diabetes managements services to patients who want to be empowered and in control of their diabetes.

Smoking Cessation

Your Medlandia Pharmacists can provide helpful advice on smoking cessation and nicotine replacement therapy. Understanding smoking triggers…

Medication Disposal

There is growing evidence that throwing medications down the sink or into our water sources is having a harmful effect on the environment and our our health. 

Medication Blister Packaging

Blister packaging provides a safe solution to ensure medications are be taken as prescribed. If your being medication schedule is overwhelming, or your concerned about the

Asthma Education

Asthma is a respiratory disease that causes the airways to narrow, and can often the result of exposure to various triggers such as an allergen, cold air, exercise, or emotional stress. 

Weight loss

A Medically Developed Weight Loss Method With a Beginning, a Middle and An End. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol containing 2 key…