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There is growing evidence that throwing medications down the sink or into our water sources is having a harmful effect on the environment and our our health.  Medlandia Compounding Pharmacists encourage you to return expired prescription and non- prescription medication to the pharmacy for the free provincial safe disposal program.

If you are unsure if a medicationis still safe to use, check at our pharmacy. By bringing your expired medications to Medlandia Pharmacy, you are removing the risk of accidental poisonings, potential abuse, recreational use, etc. resulting from keeping unused, unwanted and expired pharmaceuticals in the home and the environment.


All prescription drugs
Nonprescription medications
Athlete’s foot treatments
Vitamin and mineral supplements
Throat lozenges
Acne therapies

Not accepted

Antidandruff products and shampoos
Contact lens disinfectants
Cosmetics, antiperspirants, antiseptic or medicated skin care products
Sunburn protectants
Mouthwashes and toothpastes