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Planning to travel abroad? Reduce  health risks with travel vaccinations.   A visit to your doctor and a subsequent visit to  a Medlandia Pharmacist that is trained and certified to provide travel vaccinations can help you with that planning.

The Public Health Agency of Canada, a Government of Canada agency, provides up-to-date information and advisories for Canadians planning to travel abroad. Visit the PHAC site for more information about your destination and any current health risks or advisories.

Based on your destination, the activities you will be participating in, the duration of your trip, and your medical history, any of the following vaccinations may be recommended prior to travel:

  •     Travellers’ diarrhea
  •     Cholera
  •     Hepatitis A
  •     Hepatitis B
  •     Hepatitis A & B
  •     Malaria
  •     Meningococcal meningitis
  •     Rabies
  •     Typhoid fever

Plan a safe and healthy trip by by talking to a Medlandia Pharmacist about travel vaccinations.